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North Devon Nordic Walking

Is a friendly and fun outdoor health club, we use Nordic Walking to help you achieve your health and fitness goals whilst enjoying our stunning coast and countryside.

We have highly skilled NWUK walking instructors who have many years  experience working in the fitness and rehabilitation  industry and they are passionate about the benefits of exercising outdoors.

We know that quality of life really matters, Nordic Walking is a great way to improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing,  it is great for all ages, for reducing stress, maintaining fitness and managing weight loss.

We love seeing people learn to Nordic Walk to experience  the “wow” factor,to use it to either  achieve their health   and fitness  goals or simply for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of exercising outdoors in good company.

We enjoy encouraging healthier and happier lifestyles.

Nordic walking is great fun and  with our instructors you will Learn all you need to know in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere,  after which there are then a variety of walks to choose from depending on your goals. Workout walks for improving fitness, Adventure walks for exploring our wonderful coast and countryside, wellness walks for rehabilitation  and  ultra fitness walks for the super active

You can read more about each class and each instructor in our website

Jane Cumming

Nordic walking makes me feel great!

My work is indoors with hours of standing over a treatment couch or sitting to do admin but

I’ve always loved being active outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by nature and best of all sharing the experience with other people. I love to find an excuse to get moving and to laugh!  For me Nordic walking is deeply therapeutic, it’s great fun as well as a full body workout!

If I don’t exercise properly my work gives me upper back and neck muscle stiffness and headaches.  Nordic Walking releases the muscle tensions, relieves my spinal stiffness and stops my headaches, it really helps me to keep physically and mentally well, enabling me to enjoy a busy life.

For 30 years I’ve enjoyed recreational and competitive Mountain biking and I used to run regularly for general fitness and recently I have had to replace running with Nordic walking because  Nordic walking gives me a pain free, low impact alternative to running that leaves me feeling energized and zingy!

As a sports and spinal  musculoskeletal physiotherapist I reeducate  movement patterns to relieve pain and improve function and  performance in sports, Nordic walking helps  to reconnect the deepest muscles, those needed for balanced movements so it’s fantastic for rehabilitation and perfectly complements my treatment approach.


Bruce Perkins

I’ve spent four decades in the armed forces while playing hockey at all levels from club, through county to international ‘masters’, so when I retired to North Devon, Nordic walking was the answer to my need for a new exercise fix.
It’s a great reason to get up and out at any time of day, to meet new people and North Devon is an ideal spot with it’s vast range of sand, sea and grasslands.
Being a keen fitness fanatic, my weekly runs give me the opportunity to be constantly exploring. By becoming a Nordic walking instructor I can support individuals of all fitness levels, discover the local area and the amazing scenery it has to offer in a relaxed and motivational way. You can tread both old and new paths while keeping fit and healthy.
My life has taken me all over the world with some amazing experiences, and that’s what Nordic walking offers people who perhaps haven’t had that opportunity, as well as an appreciation for where they are and what our planet really has to offer.
Plus an hour’s walk is a great way of justifying a cheeky ice cream or maybe a cream tea at the end.

Richard Menko – Walk Leader


Keen to be outside in all weathers, Richard leads many of the walks for NDNW. He has specially designed walks to suit the needs of our ever growing club, be it ‘gentle walks’ with no hills, ‘brisk’ 1 hour walks for those that want a quick fix, and a much longer (3 hour +) weekend walk that can be strenuous !


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